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Objective: The objective of this project is to identify and classify categories of investigations addressed by the open literature. This study is expected to provide the basis for subsequent study and modeling of the various processes, and the identification of the task knowledge and demands of each investigation category, to identify commonalities and differences among investigation process types.

Status: Thus far, accident, fire, insurance, maintenance trouble-shooting, system safety and criminal investigation processes have been identified and are being characterized. A basis for characterizing and classification of accident types is nearing completion.

Work is being focused on identifying and defining task knowledge and skill demands for small, one-three person accident investigations, to narrow the range of task definition demands for this stage of the research.

Development of a basis for characterizing and classifying various types of fire and insurance investigations will continue. Initial modeling of criminal investigation process has also bee set aside temporarily.

The next kinds of investigation processes to be explored when present tasks near completion include investigative reporting, medical research, and tort investigations.

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