Quality Assurance Tutorial

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This Tutorial shows you how you can use INVESTIGATION CATALYST to assess the quality of an incident or hazard report. It will also help strengthen your skills in developing Event Blocks and Matrixes from system hazard analysis or incident investigation documents.

NOTE: Remember, the goal is to identify and document Event Blocks (EBs) and organize them so you can assess the quality of the underlying document.

The example used is an incident report, but the procedure is the same for any documented system operation or process descriptions and analyses.

Step 1. Orientation Review.

Read narrative report and Brief to familiarize yourself with the occurrence and the participants, and the report content. You will be working with the report.

  • Click here to view and print narrative report and accompanying Brief (your data sources.)

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q 1.1. What do you mean familiarize? What should I be doing to" familiarize" myself with the report?
Try to make a mental movie of what happened, by picturing in you mind what is described in the report, the cast of characters or people and objects involved, and the stage or scene where it the actions take place.

Do not worry if you find some 'blank frames' in your mental movie. Just picture what you can.