Recommendation Developmen Tutorial

2004 by Starline Software Ltd.

This Tutorial for anyone who is tasked to identify actions that will reuduce risks and improve future performance. It describes how to use Investigation Catalyst Matrixes for their analysis. It addresses the discovery, documentation and control of system operation problems, hazards, risk raisers, needs or other indicators of opportunities for improvement that can be disclosed by the Matrixes, and how to select the changes that would achieve better future performance.

To start the tutorial, click on the Problem Discovery and Documentation link below, and then step through the pages in sequence.
  1. Problem Discovery and Documentation
    • General Approach
    • ETBA analysis
    • Compare With Expectations
    • Use MOTEL

  2. Problem Assessment
    • General Consderatinos
    • Evaluation Criteria
    • Sample Evaluation Tool

  3. Risk Reduction Options
    • Prepare Behaviors
    • Manage Energies
    • Establish Precedences
    • Control Interactions

4. Ranking Action Options
  • Prepare Behaviors
  • Analyze Options
  • Compare New Risk Levels
  • Assess Followup Feasibility
5. Selecting Changes
  • Analyze Tradeoffs
  • Compare Options
  • Prepare Followup Plan
  • Create Decision Package
  • Capture Corporate Memory

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