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C O Miller Publications Listing

This section contains an unannotated listing of publications of potential interest to investigation process researchers. For more information about availability of publications, click here, or
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September 1999


Presentations and/or Publications of Significance - C. O Miller


1. "Applying Lessons Learned from Accident Investigations to Design Through a Systems Safety Concept," presented at the Flight Safety Foundation Seminar, Santa Fe, New Mexico, November 11, 1954.

2. "Design Systems Safety in Operation," presented at the Flight Safety Foundation Seminar, Taxco, Mexico, November 1955.

3. "Evaluation of Transverse Acceleration (Rear to Front) Utilizing Conventional and Special Restraint Gear," Chance Vought Aircraft Engineering Report 10816 dated Feb. 20, 1957.

4. "The Role of Malfunction Reporting in Flight Safety," presented at the Air Force - Aircraft Industry Conference on Air Force - Contractor Piloted Aircraft Reliability Programs, Santa Barbara, California, March 1957.

5. "An Airframe Contractor’s Approach to Optimum Flight Safety," published in the Proceedings of the Symposium of Risks in Weapons Delivery, NADC, Johnsville, Pennsylvania, April 24 - 25, 1957.

6. "Stresses Affecting the Pilot During Post Stall Maneuvers of High Performance Aircraft," presented at the Aero Medical Association Meeting, Denver, Colorado, May 1957 (with Dr. John D. Horgan).

7. "The Role of Flight Safety Engineering in Aircraft Reliability and Effectiveness," presented at the First Annual lAS Naval Aviation Meeting, San Diego, California, August 1957.

8. "Analysis of Ejections from Jet Fighter Aircraft," Chance Vought Aircraft Engineering Report 11184 dated October 7, 1957 (with J. A. Barton).

9. "Application of Human Factors in High Performance Aircraft Design," presented at the 3rd International Congress of Aviation Medicine, Louvain, Belgium, September 1958.

10. "Flight Safety and Manned Missiles," presented at the 42nd Air Force - Industry Conference sponsored by the Directorate of Flight Safety Research, Los Angeles, California, September 1959.

11. "Space Age Feedback to General Aviation Safety," presented at the 12th Annual International Flight Safety Foundation Seminar, Nice, France, October 1959.

12. "There She Goes!" APPROACH, July 1960 (A Flight Safety article pertaining to transonic stall characteristics of high performance aircraft).

13. "The Omni-Sonic FLIGHT Capsule - A Practical Reality," presented at the Society of Experimental Pilots Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, California, October 1960.

14. "Emergency Information Criteria Revealed in F8U Major Accidents to 1 July," presented at the Emergency Egress Committee Meeting in Burbank, California, August 15 -18, 1961.

15. "Design Safety Considerations for a Tilt-Wing VTOL Transport," presented at the Flight Safety Foundation International Seminar in Naples, Italy, November 13 -16, 1961.

16. "Legal Ramifications of Aircraft Accident/Malfunction Data," presented at the lAS National Systems Reliability Symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 16, 1962. Published in the Proceedings.

17. "Synthesis of Impact Acceleration Technology for Aviation Crash Injury Prevention; Project SlAT," U.S. Army TRECOM Report 63 - 31A, June 1963. (Note: Summary Report given at 15th Annual FSF Seminar, Williamsburg, Virginia, December 4, 1962.)

18. "The Engineer, Lawyer, and Flight Safety," presented at the SAE-ASNE National Aero-Nautical Meeting, Washington, D. C., April 9, 1963.

19. "The Economics of Safety in Civil Aviation (Planning Study)," FAA Technical Report ADS - 7 dated December 1963 (with J. Lederer and C. F. Schmidt).

20. "Aviation Law - Air Safety (A symposium Report)," USC Aerospace Safety Review, Fall 1964.

21. "The Safety Information Challenge," presented at the 17th Annual FSF Seminar, New York, N.Y., October 15, 1964, published in ASSE Journal, September 1966.

22. "Reaction Time and the Fear Stressor in Aviation Safety," Aerospace Safety Division, Univ. of So. Calif., January 4, 1965.

23. "Safety During System Effectiveness Effort ... a Management or Engineering Cost Item?" presented at the Eighth Navy - Industry Conference on Material Reliability, Washington,

D. C., May 12, 1965. Published in the Proceedings.

24. "Survey of Aerospace Safety Information Sources, Data Sheets, as of May 1965," Aerospace Safety Division, Univ. of So. Calif., June 1, 1965.

25. "Current Safety Information Classification, Storage and Retrieval," presented at the System Safety Symposium in Seattle, Washington, June 8, 1965.

26. "Observations Relative to Fault Tree Analysis," USC Aerospace Safety Division Alumni Review, Fall 1965.

27. "System Safety and Management," presented at the 18th Annual Flight Safety Foundation Seminar, Williamsburg, Virginia, November 8, 1965. Published in the USC Aerospace Safety Division Alumni Review, Winter 1965.

28. "Safety Engineering and Manned Space Systems," Aerospace Safety Division, Univ. of So. Calif., May 23, 1966.

29. "Human Capabilities and Limitations," Aerospace Safety Division, Univ. of So. Calif., July 1966.

30. Human Engineering and Equipment Design," Aerospace Safety Division, Univ. of So. Calif., August 1966.

31. "The Role of System Safety in Aerospace Management," August 1966 (A 100-plus page text used in system safety and management courses at USC). Accepted (revised) as a Masters Thesis January 1967.

32. "The Influence of Systems Engineering and Management on Aviation Products Liability," May 16, 1966. Published in Astronautics and Aeronautics,. September 1966 as "Product Liability and Systems Management "

33. "The Application of System Safety and Management to the Civil Air Carrier System," presented at the 13th ALPA Air Safety Forum, Los Angeles, California, October 5, 1966.

34. "The Dynamics of Accident Prevention Information," presented at the AIAA/CASI Joint Meeting on Aviation Safety, Toronto, Canada, October 31, 1966. Published in the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal, June 1967.

35. "Safety Considerations and Human Reliability of the Experimental Test Pilot," May 24, 1966, presented at the Human Factors Society Meeting, Anaheim, California, November 3, 1966.

36. "Safety and Semantics," USC Aerospace Safety Review, 1966.

37. "A Survey of Problems Attendant to the Introduction of High Strength Materials in Aerospace Design," USC Institute of Aerospace Safety and Management, 1967.

37(a) "Expanded NASA Safety Program: A Preliminary Discussion", (A consultant’s report to Headquarters, NASA following the Apollo 204 fire), June 28, 1967.

38. "Considerations in the Formation of the NASA Safety Advisory Panel," (Consultant report for NASA) October 1, 1967.

39. "Conceptual Approaches to Safety," USC Institute of Aerospace Safety and Management, October 1967.

40. "State of the Art in Air Safety," presented at the SMU Symposium on Air Safety, Dallas, Texas, April 23, 1968. Published in.the Summer 1968 issue of the Journal of Air Law & Commerce.

41. "System Safety as a Function of Risk Management," presented at the NASA System Safety Conference, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, May 3, 1968. Published in the Proceedings.

42. "About Consulting," Engineering Scientist, May 1968.

43. "Selected References in Aerospace Safety," (A collection of over 1400 references valuable to the safety practitioner). Published by the author, June 1968.

44. "Hazard Analysis and Identification in System Safety Engineering," 1968 Annals of Assurance Sciences (New York: ASME, 1968).

45. "The NTSB Bureau of Aviation Safety and the Accident Prevention System," presented at the FSF Annual Seminar, Anaheim, California, October 9, 1968.

46. "Keynote Remarks at the Tenth Annual West Coast Reliability Symposium" (a discussion of the background and need for an integrated systems effectiveness program), Los Angeles, California, February 21, 1969.

47. "Test and Verification Phase of System Safety Analysis," presented at the USAF/Industry System Safety Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, February 26, 1969.

48. "Basic Dimensions of the Safety Education Task," presented at the USAF/Industry System Safety Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, February 26, 1969.

49. "Development and Description of System Safety," presented at the ASSE Professional Conference, University of Maryland, August 4, 1969. Published in the Proceedings.

50. "Some Comparative Thoughts Concerning International Civil Aircraft Accident Inquiry Methodologies," presented at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting, Dallas, Texas, August 11, 1969.

51. "Systems Approach to Accident Investigation," presented at the Flight Safety Foundation Annual Seminar, Montreux, Switzerland, October 23, 1969.

52. "Accident Cause Factors and Beyond," presented at the Ninth Joint Services Aviation Safety Conference, Ft. Rucker, Alabama, May 24, 1970.

53. "Procedures and Conduct During On-Site Investigation of Aviation Accidents," Journal of Air Law & Commerce, Southern Methodist University, Summer 1970 (with W. L. Halnon).

54. "Why ‘System Safety’?" MIT Technology Review, February 1971; also published in Directions in Safety by Ted S. Ferry and D. A. Weaver (Springfield: Thomas, 1976).


55. "U.S. General Aviation Safety Record," presented at the SAE National Business Aircraft Meeting, Wichita, Kansas, March 1971. SAE Paper No. 710397 (with P. Alexander and S. Jett).

56. "Requirements for System Safety Programs as Delineated by MIL-STD-882," presented at the NASA System Safety Conference, Goddard Space Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, May 27, 1971.

57. "The Bureau of Aviation Safety Views Human Factors in Aviation Accident Investigation," presented at the Second Annual Seminar conducted by the Society of Air Safety Investigators, October 26, 1971, Los Angeles, California.

58. "Aviation Accident Losses in Perspective," presented at the Allied Pilots Association Accident Investigation Seminar, Arlington, Texas, February 17, 1972.

59. "Aviation Product Liability from the Air Safety Investigation Point of View," presented at the Sixteenth Annual Human Factors Society Convention, Los Angeles, California, October 17, 1972.

60. "Safety Problems in Air Transportation," presented at the DOT Transportation Safety Education and Training Workshop, Princeton University, November 13, 1972.

61. "A Current Look at Annex 13," presented at the Symposium on International Aircraft Accidents Investigation, sponsored by the Air Law Group of the Royal Aeronautical Society, London, England, January 15, 1973 (with W. L. Halnon).

62. "Analysis of Lightplane Accident Records," presented at the FAA - Princeton Lightplane Safety Conference, Princeton, N.J., October 24, 1973 (with G. L Sundeen) . Published in the Proceedings.

63. "Use of ARTS-Ill in Aircraft Accident Investigation," presented at the ATCA Annual Meeting, Miami, Florida, October 16, 1973, and the FSF International Seminar, Lisbon, Portugal, November 7, 1973 (with W. G. Laynor).

64. "Legal and Litigation Barriers to the Communication of Human Factors Safety Information," presented at the Flight Safety Foundation International Seminar, Williamsburg, Virginia, November 12, 1974.

65. "Some Principles of Aviation Accident Prevention," presented at the 4th Annual Orient Airlines Association, Flight Safety Seminar, Kuala Lumpur, May 16, 1975. Published in Hazard Prevention, January/February 1976.

66. "Aviation Safety: Progress or Progression?", presented at the Second International System Safety Conference sponsored by the System Safety Society, San Diego, California, July 23, 1975.

67. "Flight Management in a Non-Challenging Task Environment," presented at the Flight Safety Foundation Seminar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 1975.

68. "The Design-Induced Part of the Human Error Problem in Aviation," presented at the 10th Annual Symposium sponsored by the Journal of Air Law & Commerce, School of Law, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, February 20, 1976. Published in the Journal of Air Law & Commerce, Vol. 42, No. 1, 1976.

69. "Requirements and Practices in Safety Education and Training for Aviation," presented at the University of Southern California Transportation Safety Seminar, Los Angeles, California,.May 20, 1976.

70. "Analysis of Current Safety Aspects of Proposed Operations at the PanAm Building Heliport by New York Airways," (Consultant report to the Flight Safety Foundation) August 27, 1976.

71. "The Public’s Total Stake in Aviation Accident Investigation," presented at the 7th International Seminar sponsored by the Society of Air Safety Investigators, Arlington, Virginia, September 28, 1976.

72. "Human Factors Accident Investigation and the Question of Pilot Decision - Making," presented at the Air Line Pilots’ Association Symposium on Human Factors, Washington, D. C., February 8, 1977.

73. "Organization for Safety in a Medium - sized Jet Airline," presented at the Orient Airlines Association Flight Safety Seminar, Hong Kong, May 17, 1977.

74. "Crashworthiness and Products Liability," presented at the Aviation Products Liability Workshop sponsored by the Federal Bar Association and the Flight Safety Foundation, Washington,D.C., October 13, 1977.

75. "The Role of the Independent Expert in Aviation Cases," presented at the Aviation Litigation Educational Program sponsored by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 28, 1977. Published in Legal Eagles News, December 1977.

76. "Behind the Facts" (A discussion of fact determination in accident investigation and probable/proximate cause), presented at the 23rd Annual Corporate Aviation Seminar sponsored by the Flight Safety Foundation, Arlington, Virginia, April 10, 1978.

77. "Civil Aviation Accident Investigation: An Interface Between Aviation Law and Air Safety," presented at the Aviation Law and Litigation Seminar sponsored by the Florida Bar Association, Orlando, Florida, November 17, 1978.

78. "The Dynamics of General Aviation Accident Insurance in the Perspective of Contract Law," Trial, March 1979.

79. "The Application of Admiralty Law to Aircraft Accident Cases," Legal Eagles News, April 1979.

80. "Legal Actions Involving Flight Attendants," presented at the Association of Flight Attendants Air Safety Seminar, Silver Spring, Maryland, August 21, 1979.

81. "U.S. Civil Aviation Accident Investigation and the Law," Potomac School of Law, August 1979. Edited and published as "Aircraft Accident Investigations: Functions and Legal Perspectives" by the Southern Methodist University Journal of Air Law and Commerce, Vol. 46-2, Winter 1981.

82. "Human Factors in Accident Investigation," presented at the Dutch Air Line Pilot’s Symposium on Human Factors in Civil Aviation, The Hague, The Netherlands, September 6, 1979. Published in Legal Eagles News, November 1979, and ISASI Forum, Spring 1980.

83. "Safety Management Factors Germane to the Nuclear Reactor Accident at Three Mile Island, March 28, 1979," published in Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Special Inquiry Group "Three Mile Island: A Report to the Commission and to the Public," Vol. II, Part 3, pp. 1213 -1245, January 1980. Also published in Hazard Prevention, Vol. 16, Summer 1980.

84. "Comparative Analysis of Federal Legislative Mandates for Public Safety," Potomac School of Law, Spring 1980. Revised and presented at the System Safety Society Conference, Denver, Colorado, July 29, 1981. Published in the Proceedings.

85. "Civil Aircraft Accident/Incident Information and the Freedom of Information Act," Potomac School of Law, May 1980.

86. Nuclear Energy and Supreme Court Issues," Potomac School of Law, May 1980.

87. "Statement Regarding the Safety Mission of the Federal Aviation Administration," before the Subcommittee on Aviation of the Committee on Public Works and Transportation, U. S. House of Representatives, August 20, 1980.

88. "Safety Programs and the Public - 1980," presented at the 33rd Annual Flight Safety Foundation Seminar, Christchurch, New Zealand, September 18, 1980.

89. "The Risk to Innocent Bystanders on the Ground from Aircraft Crashes, U. S. Civil Aviation, 1964 -1978," December 1, 1981.

90. "Coordination Between Parties in Civil Aircraft Accident Investigations: the Pathway to Improved Social Justice and Accident Prevention," presented at the SMU Air Law Symposium, Dallas, Texas,April 3, 1981.

91. "Crash Injury Prevention: Perspective 1981," presented at the Convention of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America," San Francisco, California, July 27, 1981.

92. "Safety Management: the Wave of the Future Is Here," presented from a detailed outline at the AIAA/ASQC Conference of the Assurance Technologies, Washington, D.C., Sept. 18, 1981 and Boston, Mass., Sept. 25, 1981. (Superseded by paper #l0l)

93. "Human Error and the Legal Process," presented at the Ninth Annual Aviation Law Seminar sponsored by the King County (Seattle) Bar Association and the Federal Aviation Administration (NW Region), Union, Washington, Sept. 26, 1981.

94. "Remarks Re the Petition to NTSB" (to broaden participation in National Transportation Safety Board aviation accident investigations), presented from detailed outlines at the Annual Seminar of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators, Washington, D.C., Oct. 1, 1981 and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots’ Association Annual Convention, Orlando, Florida, Oct. 9, 1981.

95. "Past Recommendations to the NTSB and Others for Improved Aviation Accident Investigations", presented at the Air Line Pilots Association symposium, "A Review of Recent Aircraft Accident Investigations by the NTSB", Washington, D.C., Dec. 9, 1981.

96. "Aviation Safety Research and Related Issues", presented at a Hearing of the House Science and Technology Subcommittees on Transportation, Aviation, and Materials, and Investigations and Oversight, Washington, D.C., March 9, 1982.

97. "Development of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators Code of Ethics and Conduct", presented at the ISASI International Seminar, Tel Aviv, Israel, Oct. 12, 1982.

98. "Recent Trends in Human Factors Analysis in Aviation Accidents", presented at the 6th Annual Aviation Law Seminar sponsored by the Florida Bar, Tampa, Florida, Nov. 5, 1982.

99. "System Safety in Aircraft Acquisition" (a study for the Office of the Secretary of Defense), Logistics Management Institute, Washington, D.C., January 1984 (with F. Ronald Frola).

100. "A Comparison of Military and Civil Approaches to Aviation System Safety", presented at the Air Line Pilots Association symposium, "Beyond Pilot Error...", Washington, D.C., Dec. 7, 1983.

101. "Safety Management: A New Cause of Legal Action?", presented at the Professional Development Conference of the National Safety Management Society, Washington, D.C., Apr. 26, 1984. Also published in New Directions in Safety by Ted S. Ferry (Chicago, ASSE, 1985).

102. "NTSB Investigation of Civil Aviation Accidents: A Current Overview", presented at the Third National Institute sponsored by the Aviation and Space Law Committee of the American Bar Association, Washington, D.C., May 24, 1984.

103. "System Safety Engineering: Perspective for the 80’s", presented as the keynote address at the System Analysis Techniques conference co-sponsored by the System Safety Society and the Technology Transfer Society in Washington, D.C. and Boston, MA, June 21 and June 25, 1984 respectively.

104. "Human Performance and the Law", presented at the Flight Safety Foundation 37th Annual International Seminar, Zurich, Switzerland, Nov. 1, 1984.

105. "U. S. Civil Aviation and System Safety", Proceedings of the 7th International System Safety Conference, sponsored by the System Safety Society, San Jose, CA, July 25–29, 1985.

106. "Aviation System Deregulation, Safety and the NTSB", presented at the Washington Journalism Center Conference on "Airline Issues: Safety, Service and Costs", Washington, D.C., Dec. 3, 1985.

107. "The Broader Lesson From ‘Challenger"', presented at the meeting, "Silent Safety Programs", co-sponsored by the American Society of Safety Engineers, the National Safety Management Society and the System Safety Society, Arlington, VA, Sept. 22, 1986.

107(a) "Statement Regarding Airline Deregulation", (An affidavit in connection with litigation concerned with potential airline deregulation in Australia), Oct. 1986.

108. "Safety Management", presented at the Advisory Council meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), Atlanta, GA, May 19, 1987.

109. "Remarks Before the House Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Competitiveness Concerning H. R. 2238", (A proposed change to the FAA Act of 1958 relating to general aviation and product liability.) Washington, D.C., July 9, 1987.

110. "Discussant Observations: Surveillance and Government Infrastructure (Air)", presented at the Transportation Deregulation and Safety Conference sponsored by the Transportation Center of Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, June 24, 1987. Published in the Proceedings (501-506)

111. "Remarks Before the Aviation Safety Commission Concerning Aviation Safety Issues", Washington, D.C., July 24, 1987.

112. "System Safety", Chapter 3 in E. L. Weiner and D. C. Nagel (Eds.) Human Factors in Aviation, Published by Academic Press, Spring 1988.

113. "Management Factor Investigation Following Civil Aviation Mishaps", ISASI Forum, Sept. 1988.

114. "Remarks Concerning INPO’s Human Performance Evaluation System", presented at the INPO Advisory Council Meeting, Atlanta, GA, Jan. 16, 1990.

115. "Systems Approach to Crash Management", presented at the Airport Emergency Response Seminar, sponsored by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Phoenix, AZ, April 26, 1990.

116. "Investigating the Management Factors in An Airline Accident", presented at the Brazilian Congress of Flight Safety, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nov. 26, 1990; published (edited) in the Flight Safety Foundation Flight Safety Digest, May 1991.

117. "Aviation Human Performance Accident/Incident Investigation: Selected Bibliography", ISASI .Forum, Oct. 1991.

118. "Down With Probable Cause ...", presented at the ISASI Seminar, Canberra, Australia, Nov. 7, 1991; published in the Proceedings, Jan. 1992.

119. "‘Probable Cause’: The Correct Legal Test in Civil Aircraft Accident Investigations?", LPBA Journal, Spring, 1992.

120. "Management for Safety or Safety Program Management?", The Communiqué, National Safety Management Society, Sept. 1992.

121. "Analysis of Selected Accidents at or Near the Sedona, AZ Airport" (An Outline Report), presented to the Airport/Community Relations Committee of the Sedona City Council, May 18, 1993.

122. "Candidate Issues for a Federal Safety Policy", published in the Proceedings of the 11th International System Safety Society Conference, Cincinnati, OH, July 30, 1993. Revised

as "Candidate Issues and Answers for a Federal Safety Policy", Jan. 9, 1997.

123. "Compatibility of Air Safety Investigations and Civil/Criminal Litigation", (an introduction to a panel discussion at the ISASI International Seminar, Ottawa, Canada, Oct. 6, 1993) ISASl Forum, Sept. 1993.

124. "Summary Observations: The 1994 NTSB Aviation Accident Investigation Symposium", ISASl Forum, June 1994.

125. "Aviation Accident Prevention Management: Needed Requirements and Investigations", ISASI.Forum, Nov. 1994.

126. "Accident Prevention Principles/Policies for Senior Aviation Managers", Sept. 23, 1995. Edited and published by the National Business Aircraft Association in its annual Aviation Safety Journal, 1996.

127. "‘Director of Safety’ is Not Enough", Feb. 27, 1996. Edited and published in the ALPA Air.Line.Pilot, May 1996.

127. 128. "In Fairness to the FAA and ValuJet. . .and to the Public", May 13, 1996. (An OpEd piece, published (edited) in the New York Times., May 15, 1996.)

129. "Three Faces of Aviation Accident Prevention ManagementInvestigation", Feb.15, 1997. Published (edited) as "Accident Prevention Management.. .the Three Faces the Investigator Can Expect to See" in the ISASI.Forum, April-June, 1997.

130. "Commentary on the Gore Commission Report As It Concerns Aviation Safety", Mar. 18, 1997. Published (edited) as "As I See the Gore Commission Report" in the ISASI Forum, April-June 1997.

131. "TWA Flight 800: the NTSB, the FAA and the Public . . .Trapped by ‘Probable Cause’", October 1, 1997. Published (edited in two parts) as "Trapped by Probable Cause" in the Air.Line Pilot, Jan./Feb.1998.

132. "The Evolution of MIL-STD-882 (System Safety Definitions)", Hazard Prevention, 4th Quarter, 1997.

133. "Battles in the War to Prevent Aviation Accidents", Mar. 26, 1998. Published in the American Bar Association The.Air and Space Lawyer, Spring, 1998 and in Hazard Prevention, 3rd Q, 1998.

134. "System Safety By Any Other Name", Hazard Prevention, 2nd Q,1998.

135. "The Most Significant Human Error in the Aviation System", presented at the Canadian Aviation Safety Seminar, Vancouver, B.C., May 11, 1999. (No Proceedings)

136. "Resolving the Problem of Action Failure", August 26, 1999. Published in the Proceedings of the 1999 ISASI Annual Seminar, Boston, MA.

137. "Aircraft Accident Probes in the Next Century", (An invited editorial.) Aviation..Week .& Space.Technology, September 13, 1999.Addenda


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