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These pages contain copies of my research and other works from my personal library. My purpose in posting them here is to make those works easily accessible, to researchers, family and friends. Comments or observations about this site or these works would be welcomed.
Ludwig Benner, Jr.
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The sidebar on the left provides access to different sections of the site. I have tried to make as many works as possible accessible on line.

Of note, the References tab now displays the updated List of References for investigation researchers, dating back to 1975, including a new 5-page section cross-referencing observed accident investigation issues disclosed by my research with the works in which I reported them.

I want to acknowledge with gratitude many others, too numerous to name, whose support, criticisms, and other inputs help me produce these works. Many are listed at my web site. The References Lists pages show other sources to whom I am also indebted for stimulating insights discussed in my works.

One category of my work that didn't quite fit any sidebar categories was prototype investigation support software, developed under my guidance primarily with the patient help of a young programmer in Australia, Tobias Haughton, and my grandson William D. Carey, to whom I am very grateful. The software is downloadable on line at The open source code for the software is accessible on line at

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Helen Benner

(August 17 1922- July 23 2007)
For a tribute to my wife of almost 56 years, click here.

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Updated 9/2/17. The earliest work on this site is dated 1962.