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Mishap Description Quality Analyzer


This section contains the Mishap Description Quality Analyzer tool kit. It is an easy to use quality checker for descriptions of occurrences or processes reported in investigation reports. It is designed for personal use by individuals wanting to analyze and evaluate the quality of reported descriptions of what happened and why it happened.

The tool kit consists of some MS Word files, a User Manual and a Tutorial. It is available for downloading free by anyone wanting to determine how good a reported description is.

It should be especially useful for individuals involved in or associated with an occurrence like a transportation accident, industrial accident, fire, environmental spill, or any other incident for which a valid, complete explanatory description is desired. It can be used to assess scenarios in investigation reports of past occurrences, as well as hypothesized mishap scenarios in risk analysis reports. It can also be applied to hypothesized scenarios in research reports.

Technically, the tools are supported by over 30 years of investigation research. They implement the principle that if you can't flow chart a process, you don't understand it, advocated by William G. Johnson, the father of the MORT Safety Assurance Systems. The tools use a systems input-output analyses approach for quality determination, rather than a causal analysis approach. Quality criteria are suggested in the Manual and Tutorial, but users can apply additional criteria at their discretion. The tools must be practiced for MDQA's efficacy to be appreciated.


View or download the the Manual and Tutorial files to get acquainted with the tool kit. Download the following 5 files to a new directory/folder on your computer, to begin applying the quality evaluation tools to reported descriptions.:
Download the Kit package to get all the above files in one file:
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